Hudson Properties offers a wide variety of property types, from small family homes to the largest commercial property, we strive to offer the best service for every tenant.

Each property before being listed for rent has been gone through by our staff, from paint work, to yard maintenance, we pay attention to the details.

Property owners and Tenants can be assured of our high-level of professionalism when they work with Hudson Properties.
AT Hudson Properties Inc...
Many of our properties now offer the "Talking House" using it potential tenants can drive by and hear a verbal description of the homes highlights -all from the comfort of your vehicle! Just tune your radio to the station shown on the property and as long as you stay in range of the property, you can hear all the details and more!
  We Offer:
  Prompt Rent Collection
  Periodic Inspections
  Maintenance Service
  Monthly Accounting
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At Hudson each property is cleaned and thoroughly inspected before being made available to tenants.
Well maintained. We strive to maintain and keep our properties at a very high standard.
Ready to go. Our properties are ready to move in, the day you see it, you can move right in.
Small affordable homes to the largest home needs, we have the right property for you.
  Our Goals:
  We strive to provide the best possible representation to our property investor or homeowners.

Minimize Expenses and Maximize Profits

  Equal Housing:
  We are an Equal Housing Real Estate Company

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